Energy Tracking, Efficiency Enhancement and Cost reduction 

Success Stories

Entrack-Energy Monitoring &​ Management Systems

Measurement and optimization of Energy Consumption through Energy Audits as per ISO 50001, Efficiency Enhancement based on monitoring and validation processes, monitoring of multiple energy resources for OPEX optimization.


Disco Bill Reconciliation & Automated Billing System

Guaranteed Bill Reconciliation with DISCOs based on accurate energy consumption measurement and DISCO Meter monitoring. Also, we ensure that charges align with actual Tariffs thereby eliminating overbilling, wrong Tariffs applications, and overshot MDI (fixed) charges or taxation.

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Solar PV Energy Systems with AI optimization

Audit and quantification of all consumptions for customer sites and precise loss identification and recommendations for the reduction of common services/areas and losses. Also provide Smart Meter Programs with multiple payment plans, use Load Shedding Report to co-relate with Genset operation, and check for unauthorized usage.


Sustainable Smart Grid and Microgrid Development

The SB Smart Microgrid Solutions are suited for the following sectors whether your Microgrid is Grid Connected, Islanded, or Hybrid: Housing Societies whether islanded or Grid-connected Industrial & Commercial enterprises with large loads and desirous of optimizing Energy Costs. Educational or Mixed campuses such as hospitals, office complexes Emergency Services and Defense Microgrids for resilience and reliability with least cost solutions.

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