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DBCRP, your Shield against Overbilling

In an era where electricity cost is on the rise, the surge in electricity consumption poses a significant challenge for businesses. Recognizing the pressing need to not only monitor but also scrutinize DISCO electricity bills, businesses nationwide are grappling with overbilling, underbilling, and extra taxes issues that amount to substantial financial setbacks, reaching hundreds of million rupees monthly. Enter SBEEC's flagship DISCO bill reconciliation services, designed to offer businesses peace of mind by ensuring meticulous monthly DISCO bill monitoring and reconciliation.

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Stop Overbilling, Start Saving

Our comprehensive solution (DBCRP) is designed to protect you from overbilling, underbilling, erroneous penalties, and ensures accurate monthly billing aligned with your actual consumption. Moreover, our unique service includes a physical health check of your DISCO meter conducted monthly by our dedicated field staff. Keep a close eye on your consumption through our user-friendly Entrack platform. The added advantage of Shadow Billing provides invaluable insights for future energy expenditure planning. Beyond reconciliation, our services extend to facilitate Meter Changes, Name Changes, and the removal of Extra Taxes from your commercial bills. Experience financial clarity and operational efficiency with SBEEC's DBCRP services.

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What is Tenant Billing?

Tenant billing refers to the process by which tenants in commercial or residential buildings or housing societies are charged rent and utilities, usually using an automated billing software system. Tenant billing may include rent payments, security deposits, utilities costs, amenities fees, or any other charges that arise for Tenants in these buildings.

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Why it Matters

Tenant billing refers to any financial transaction between tenants and landlords. Tenants use it to determine how much they owe. Invoices usually contain detailed charges that explain precisely why each payment was assessed. As it serves as the only system through which information exchange occurs between both parties, tenants and landlords rely heavily on it to stay financially accurate.

Stay on Top of overdue bills with our hassle-free Tenant billing

Simple yet automated Tenant billing based on usage and appointment. Why is  Automated Billing System Important?  

Automatic Meter Readings

Entrack automatically reads consumption data from Tenant meters and submeters, so it’s easy to generate error-free invoices. If you need to manually enter readings, you can do that too through the entrack Phone app. The Automated Billing includes 24/7 consumption profiles which give visibility and transparency to the billing and eliminates Tenant billing disputes.

Automated bill creation and distribution

Easily bill tenants for electricity, steam, natural gas, chilled water, and domestic water usage and generate accurate and professional invoices that display Tenant energy consumption with just a few clicks.

Utility submetering

Track utility use of individual tenants so charges can be applied according to exact consumption and utility Tariffs. This effective method of Utility management helps to provide Tenants with a sense of control over their operating expenses.


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