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DBCRP, your Shield against Overbilling

In an era where electricity cost is on the rise, the surge in electricity consumption poses a significant challenge for businesses. Recognizing the pressing need to not only monitor but also scrutinize DISCO electricity bills, businesses nationwide are grappling with overbilling, underbilling, and extra taxes issues that amount to substantial financial setbacks, reaching hundreds of million rupees monthly. Enter SBEEC's flagship DISCO bill reconciliation services, designed to offer businesses peace of mind by ensuring meticulous monthly DISCO bill monitoring and reconciliation.

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Stop Overbilling, Start Saving

Our comprehensive solution (DBCRP) is designed to protect you from overbilling, underbilling, erroneous penalties, and ensures accurate monthly billing aligned with your actual consumption. Moreover, our unique service includes a physical health check of your DISCO meter conducted monthly by our dedicated field staff. Keep a close eye on your consumption through our user-friendly Entrack platform. The added advantage of Shadow Billing provides invaluable insights for future energy expenditure planning. Beyond reconciliation, our services extend to facilitate Meter Changes, Name Changes, and the removal of Extra Taxes from your commercial bills. Experience financial clarity and operational efficiency with SBEEC's DBCRP services.

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Overbilling Elimination

Save money by eliminating overbilling issues.

Extra Tax Elimination

Reduce tax expenses by eliminating extra taxes.

Defective Meter Correction

Ensure accurate billing by correcting defective meters.

Excess MDI Charge Elimination

Avoid additional charges by eliminating excess charges.

Utility Billing Issues
Increased tariffs and taxes, Overbilling by DISCOs in order to make up for their line distribution losses, and recoveries due to disputes and corrupt practices.
Electricity Theft
Electricity Theft
In some areas, unauthorized and illegal connections are common and are extended to nearby houses and industries that leads to overbilling.
Faulty Meters
Faulty Meters
There is also a possibility of faulty electricity meters (burnt, damaged), which result in incorrect and additional detection billing.
Human Errors
Human Errors
In the manual process, there is always a chance of human error. The meter readers take inaccurate readings which results in overbilling.
Strategic Billing Precision

Strategic Billing Precision

Modern Solutions for Over Billing Prevention

  • Smart Metering and Monitoring
  • Theft Identification
  • Proactive Billing Management
  • Faulty Meter Identification