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What is Microgrid?

Microgrids can provide sustainability, resilience, and a cost-effective energy solution through leveraging on-site renewable generation using smart grid resources, resulting in better connectivity and advancing the reduction of carbon emissions. We are among the most reliable Microgrid Integrators within Pakistan.

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How does Microgrid work?

A microgrid combines production and consumption of electricity locally. As opposed to traditional utility grid models which generate power in centralized plants and distribute it via extensive transmission lines, microgrids generate power locally using backup diesel generators or renewable sources like solar panels as power generation sources and storage battery systems for outages or periods of increased grid demand. This decentralized energy supply approach guarantees more reliable energy supply.

SB Microgrid Solutions

SB Microgrid Services in Pakistan

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Design & production
Installation & commissioning
Operation & Maintenance
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Benefits of Microgrids

  • Increase environmental-friendliness by installing on-site renewable sources such as wind and solar.
  • Bring down energy costs through effective demand management, electricity storage, and selling excess power back into the grid during periods of peak demand.
  • Enhance reliability for uninterrupted power supply at your facility even during grid outages.
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