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Smart Meters

PSQCA Certified, DC AND AC load meters GPRS, RF, PLC based AMI Meters integrated with SB Entrack Data Acquisition and Reporting Software. Manufactured to IEC standards and conforming to the PSQCA quality standards. Certified by independent laboratories to IEC 62052-11, 62053-11, 62053-21, 62053-22, and all other relevant IEC standards including EMC tests.

Multi-Channel Meters

Measure data such as current, voltage, active power, power factor, line voltage, phase voltage, harmonics, frequency, instantaneous voltage, current rise, etc.

Monitor power on up to 04 Ch using one instrument. Connect to the cloud EMS system via Ethernet (Wi-Fi support only if the option is selected).

Meter Boxes

PIP54 Protection of Meters

CTs & PTs

 LT Current Transformers

Prepaid Metering System

We are pleased to introduce our State-of-the-Art Prepaid Metering Solution, having competitive cost, easy to use, simple installation with minimum maintenance and complete security of metering as well as payments.

Elum Controller

The controller is a turn-key, simple to commission, compatible with major equipment brands on the market and made for complex electrical systems.

Zero Export Device

Zero Export device enables solar system owners & operators to limit the excess amount of solar power automatically based on the plant load. No need to restrict the plant generation manually.

Battery Energy Storage System

Battery Energy Storage Systems, or BESS, are rechargeable batteries that can store energy from different sources and discharge it when needed. BESS consist of one or more batteries and can be used to balance the electric grid, provide backup power and improve grid stability.

Solar System Components

There are 5 key components in a home's solar system:

  • Solar Panels
  • An Inverter
  • An Electrical Panel
  • The Electric Meter
  • Sun.

Weather Station

Weather stations are places where meteorological measurements and observations of the different meteorological parameters using suitable instruments to establish an atmospheric behavior.